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Welcome to BitMerit!

Create your first Investment or Cloud-Mining contract here! We give you freedom of choice. Just decide how much to invest and transfer the required amount, we’ll handle the rest. Calculate the potential profit.


We also switched to the Radiant BTC Miner!! Limited offer!!
Hello Customers

As we grow larger and larger and we design our data centers with more foresight and knowledge about the mining business, we are able to make improvements to our data center design that drastically decrease need for manual labor. To achieve the best performing mining system, our team carefully broke down every component that goes into mining:

* Data center facilities
* Location
* Supply chain
* Miners and power units
* Cooling systems and

From there, we reimagined what the perfect mining solution would look like and finally, after thousands of man hours, the solution was ready.

Take advantage of the new Radiant Miners to mine more effective bitcoins.
We would like to introduce you to our new Radiant-Plan.

Radiant BTC Mining $100 - $20’000 100 Days 6% Profit Weekly

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Aug-30-2018 10:13:54 PM
Maintenance Work
Dear partners of BitMerit.
We are currently transposing large volumes of Bitcoin to other accounts. The Bitcoin payout will not work until 22.06.2018 11:00 PM.

Thank you for your trust

Jun-22-2018 04:39:33 PM
Payment Method LITECOIN and much more
Dear partners of BitMerit.
We have integrated a new payment method for testing purposes. You can now use LITECOIN to derive payments at real market value. The payment method "Litecoin" can also be used by other cryproceses such as BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETH, XMR, XRP and THETER.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

thank you for your trust
BitMerit team

Jun-21-2018 09:20:50 PM
Fix Server Interruption
Dear partners of BitMerit.
We apologize for the brief server interruption today at 09:00pm. The system is working properly again. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your trust

Jun-20-2018 12:03:24 AM
New payment system
Dear partners of BitMerit.
We are glad to inform you that the company is developing rapidly. To make even easier payments, we have included ADVCash in the user payment system. In the near future, we will enter into further partnerships to provide new payment options.

thank you for your trust
BitMerit team

Jun-13-2018 01:29:31 PM